Dr. Oz Update on Alex Trebek "He's down... struggling"

Millions have had Alex Trebek in their prayers throughout his journey battling cancer. While Alex himself revealed he wasn't planning on stepping down from his show, Jeapordy, it seems like he's going through a bit of a slump right now going through the second round of chemo for pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Oz, who seems to be close to Alex and is in touch with the whole situation said:

“I spoke to Alex in Los Angeles. I mean he’s down,” Dr. Oz reveals. “He’s struggling with the different forms of chemotherapy that are being offered to him but I told him, and I do believe this, he’s [a] soulful man who’s always been optimistic about life — keep his confidence. The longer he stays alive, the better able we are to catch up to his pancreatic cancer.”

TMZ reported that the show is taped 2.5 months in advance, and as of now, they have shows well into December. So, if Alex is under the weather and misses a few tapings, it won't send the show into freefall.

Fact is ... Alex is taping twice this week and is upholding his perfect attendance record -- he hasn't missed a taping in 35 years.

Definitely hoping for the best!

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