Is Britney Spears Quitting Music Altogether?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about having multiple baskets for these eggs!

I started my first business at 17 and have always had a side hustle (or three) as I’ve pursued my career in broadcast. I even teach HOW to launch and grow a side hustle with my company Seizing Happy. So I’m ALL about Britney Spears turning her new art hobby into a money maker!!

Looks like she's going to have her very first exhibition at a France gallery called Galerie Sympa this Saturday. The event will be called "Sometimes You Just Gotta Play."

I am a little worried about whether this means she’s going to drop music all together. I am not cool with that!

Seeing her perform live again is still on my bucket list! The only other time I’ve seen her was when she was an opening act for *NSYNC. Feels like a lifetime ago. Do you think this art expo is a side hustle or do you think this is going to be Brittany‘s new thing?

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