Mandy Moore Announces First Album In 11 Years: Listen To Her New Song

I've always loved Mandy Moore. There's something soothing and sensual about her voice. She doesn't need a huge range to make you feel her lyrics deeply as you listen to her songs.

I'm excited to see that acting didn't take over completely, although I've loooooved her on This Is Us.

Looks like she's back to music with a new album called Silver Landings, arriving March 6. What’s more, the singer-songwriter celebrated the news with visuals for her new single,“Save a Little For Yourself.”

She shared how excited she is about this new chapter in her life through an Instagram post you can check out below.

You can take a listen to the new song below and here's the track list of her new album!

1. “I’d Rather Lose”

2. “Save a Little for Yourself”

3. “Fifteen”

4. “Tryin’ My Best Los Angeles”

5. “Easy Target”

6. “When I Wasn’t Watching”

7. “Forgiveness”

8. “Stories Reminding Myself of Me”

9. “If That’s What It Takes”

10. “Silver Landings”

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