This Collar Translates your Dog's Barks... to Cuss Words

I can't possibly be the only dog parent who wonders what my dog is thinking or saying, what she would sound like if she could speak. Would she have a country accent, a Miami accent... British? Surely I'm not alone wondering this stuff (right?)

Well, there's a new collar called Cuss Collar that translates your dog's barks, maybe not exactly into what he or she is trying to communicate, but into cuss words which I think is a hilarious close second.

This bark activated collard says "F*ck" "Bullsh*t" and other cuss words as your dog barks. Sure, it's profane and probably not adequate for when you have guests but it's hilarious for adult dog parents like myself who have no kids in the house.

While I am pretty upset that this collar is sold out, I'm also not surprised!

Is this something you'd get for your pup?

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