(VIDEO) Joaquin Phoenix Saves Cow and Baby From Slaughterhouse After Oscars

Gotta love Joaquin Phoenix for talking the talk and walking the walk. Just one day after he gave a powerful acceptance speech for Best actor at the Oscars on Feb 9, the star helped liberate a cow. and her newborn calf from a Los Angeles slaughterhouse and brought them to Fam Sanctuary in Acton, California.

It was all caught on video and shared to Farm Sanctuary's Youtube page. Farm Sanctuary is an animal protection organization that has been an advocate for farmed animals since 1986.

The video shows Phoenix meeting with Anthony Di Maria, the CEO and president of the slaughterhouse. Di Maria tries to assure Phoenix that he tries to use the most humane practices. Of course Phoenix challenges him, explaining that all cows on the property will still ultimately be "murdered." Thankfully, Di Maria expresses that he does not believe in killing mothers and their babies, so Phoenix is allowed to take Liberty and Indigo from the slaughterhouse to the sanctuary!!

In the end you see mom and baby step in to their new lives at the sanctuary where they'll never live in fear again.

Check out the video to see Joaquin's amazing work and dedication to animals.

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