Earn $1,000 Watching 15 Hours of 'The Office'

If you’ve been following me even for a little while and you know I am all about side hustles and extra income. Whether you’re paying off student loans, want to buy a big house or just have expensive taste, a little extra cash is always a good thing! If you can make that extra cash by doing something you love or, better yet, by doing close to nothing at all I am all about it!

That’s exactly what this offer sounds like.

The company USDish.com is looking for someone to watch 15 hours of "The Office." The job pays $1,000, plus a couple fringe benefits, like a Netflix gift card and a bag filled with official "Office" merchandise, according to the job listing. Applicants need to be U.S. citizens are need to be at least 18 years old.

Interested parties should fill out an application at USDish.com before March 16th.

What's your all-time favorite "Office" moment?

Would producers ruin the show if they attempted to bring it back?

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