Supporting Small Businesses for Under $10 (or for FREE) During COVID-19

These are difficult times for small business owners. I know it first hand. In compliance with the CDC requirements I had to close my dance studio GiGi's Academy I've also had to postpone all my Seizing Happy events which were scheduled monthly through July. Knowing that impact this has on my life, I reached out to my circle of amazing women and fellow entrepreneurs to see how I could support them during this time. Below is a list of ladies who are trying to keep their business afloat by offering GREAT pricing and benefits to their clients. I will definitely be adding to this list so if you're a business owner offering a GREAT deal to help the community and stay afloat, email me! I'll get you on here!

As a side note, if your business has closed down like mine and you're looking for income I'd LOVE to add you to my team! DM me on Instagram! I'm always happy to help a fellow boss babe make $$$.

Here are some amazing local businesses and boss babes giving great offers to stay open.

Nathaliecfit is a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist dedicated to helping women fall in love with fitness and live a balanced lifestyle through custom training and nutrition programs. During the COVID-19 quarantine Nathalie has made it her mission to provide you with affordable at home workouts to keep you healthy and active! For just $5 you will have one month of at home workouts that requires 30 minutes of your time and your own bodyweight! You can send payment through Venmo by clicking here. Or send payment using the CashApp by clicking here.

Marian Bacol-Uba is the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle, Business Coach and TEDx & Keynote Speaker who helps women grow their business + brand online. She's passionate about empowering women to step up as authentic leaders and change-makers.She focuses on offering both Strategy AND Soul to build a sustainable and thriving business and has transformed her own life and business from being a survivor to a THRIVER and believe everyone can do the same. She is offering a FREE recession PROOF guide:

And a FREE #WomenSupportingWomen networking event every Wednesday at 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST -

As much as we love our partners, it can get overwhelming to be stuck at home with them all day. This is where meaningful conversation is key!

Sayuri Chacon is the founder of the You & Me Time® Cards to give people like you a simple tool to have more thoughtful conversations that help you break out of the routine and connect in new and surprising ways with the people who matter most. The You & Me Time Cards help you cultivate curiosity in your relationships, keep your connections fresh, deepen your friendship, help you stay current with how your loved ones are evolving, and make it easy and convenient for you to connect with them.

There are 2 versions available of the product and the digital one is on sale for just $7.99. It includes 7 topics of conversation and questions with a guide of tips to help you maximize the cards and create a remarkable experience out of it.

You can get to talking and connecting by clicking here.

Sandy Fernandez is a Reiki Master, published author all all around energy boss babe. She helps you in understanding how your personal energy, specifically your chakra energy, directly aligns with your money mindset and relationship to your finances will help you gain clear perspective into the issues that may be haunting you at night and holding you back from real success.

Her unique approach lets you take a look at each of your 7 chakras and connect how they each affect and impact your financial choices and how you picture success, wealth and abundance.

Sandy is offering her course for FREE with additional discounts if you want to go deeper in your chakra and energy healing.

Take advantage of her Quarantine 19/20 Promo!

Here's how it works:

1. Take her FREE intro course on Chakra and Money

2. You are now eligible for the Quarantine 19/20 Promo! 

3. Talk to Sandy for 20 minutes for $19 bucks and she uncovers your chakra blockages.

That's it!

If you have an awesome deal or free service let me know! I'll add you to the list!

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