Virtual Pride Event presented by the South Florida Pride Collective

The South Florida Pride Collective presents a Virtual Pride Event on May 9th & 10th to add a little bit of light and fun to all those who want to laugh, dance and be inspired! This will be a virtual, online event. It will be visible on several platforms, but will be streaming through Facebook Live on the South Florida Pride Collective's new FB Page(@pridecollectives). Viewers of the live streamed broadcast will be able to make donations to Our Fund, which will collect and distribute the funds to those in need.

HOSTED BY: 93.9 MIA's GiGi Diaz


Albita • Macy Grey •Cascada • Didi J • Teraj Allen • Tracy Young • DJ Deanne • Nicole Henry • Tiffany Fantasia • Guy Schieman • Beth Sacks • Brenda K Starr • Sushiman • Monti Montanez • Cindel • Ralphi Rasario • Yoli Mayor • Hector Fonesca • Hex Hector • Carluba • Sammie Cimarelli • Miss Coco Peru • South Florida Wind Ensamble • Leslie Cartaya & Raymer Olalde

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100 percent of the online donations will reach those affected. For more information about the virtual Pride, including updates on the ever-increasing roster of performers, visit the Facebook page @pridecollectives or the website Virtual Pride is being sponsored by Jack Daniels and Our Fund.

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