TV: The 2020 Emmys Nominees Are Here - What Do You Think?

Disney+ Series 'The Mandalorian' Received 15 Nominations (Getty)

The 2020 Emmys nominees are in! There are TONS of categories and shows to discuss, and there are lots of great creators and actors represented overall! So it's a lot to take in, but let's break down some of the highlights:

  • Disney/Lucasfilm's The Mandalorian received 15 nominations, and HBO's Watchmen got 26 nominations! So it was a BIG year for nerds.
  • Netflix killed it with 160 nominations overall.
  • Queen of '90s TV Jennifer Aniston got nominated for The Morning Show.
  • Sterling K. Brown continues his streak of awards-worthy work with another This Is Us nomination.
  • Both The Good Place and Schitt's Creek both got nominations for Best Comedy!

And those just scratch the surface! It's almost too much, but to make it easy, hit the tweet below to find out more about some of these categories!

Let us know what you think! What are you excited about Who are you rooting for? Hit us up on Twitter & Instagram! - @MACKONTHERADIO & @iAmLettyB

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