James Corden Rumored To Possibly Replace Ellen - The Internet Reacts!


In the wake of new controversies surrounding Ellen DeGeneres, there are now rumors that James Corden is being eyed to replace her in her daytime spot! Who knows if the accusations of workplace misconduct will lead to Corden actually taking over, or if these are just classic Hollywood rumors. BUT, one thing is absolutely sure: The internet is NOT pleased. People are already blasting the choice, saying that Corden would be just as bad as Ellen!

Check out some of the social reactions here, and let us know what you think! Are you ready to move on from Ellen after all of the allegations & stories about her show? Are you a fan of Corden? Or should we move on to a whole new vibe entirely?

So yeah. Talk about awkward. People are revealing all kinds of awful stories about James Corden. But what say you? Personally, we're hoping that someone gives a talk show to Josh Gad! He's the best. Hit us up on Twitter & Instagram! - @MACKONTHERADIO & @iAmLettyB

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