Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Least Favorite Compliment - Find Out What It Is!


As reported by MSN, Kelly Clarkson is shedding light on backhanded compliments! What a relatable story, honestly. In a new interview segment on her show, Clarkson revealed to Al Roker that there's a compliment she hates receiving. She understands that her fans might mean it positively, but she really wishes that they'd stop saying, “You look so much better in person!” And, yeah, we can totally understand how that could sting. It just implies some negative things too and that's not cool.

She also went on to say that this applies to her singing voice and performances as well: “They’ll come backstage after a concert and be like, ‘Oh my god, you sound better in person.’ And I’m like, ‘Great, because most of it’s not in person. So, solid.’”

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