Feel Good: Chrissy Teigen Is Buying School Supply Wish Lists For Teachers

(Getty Images)

It's no surprise that Chrissy Teigen is continuing to find ways to be one of the most kindhearted people in Hollywood & pop culture. She's always giving back and interacting in a positive way! Well, now she's helping teachers! Chrissy took to social media to do some good via supply wishlists. On her Twitter, she asked teachers to send and tweet their school supply wish lists and announced that she would take care of as many as she could!

How amazing is this? She has to be a top helpful celebrity of all time. Let us know which celebrities warm your heart the most!

What do you think of this story? How do you think we can all help teachers this year? Hit us up on Twitter & Instagram, @MACKONTHERADIO & @iAmLettyB!

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