Tom Cruise Uses Cruise Ship For 'Mission: Impossible 7' Production

(Getty Images)

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all businesses and creators to get really creative, and that includes Tom Cruise & the Mission: Impossible 7 production team. Now we know how Tom is getting around some regulations to have the film crew together. And it involves a cruise ship!

Yes. You read that correctly. A cruise ship for Tom Cruise. A Tom Cruise-ship, if you will. Okay, we'll stop.

Basically, as reported by Newsweek, Tom has decided to use a cruise liner as a hotel on the water for the crew of the upcoming film. Unfortunately, this clever plan isn't without its problems, as the workers on board are now involved in a legal situation regarding work permits. Unions have reported the cruise ship to the authorities.

While you're here, check out Tom's latest INSANE stunt for the upcoming film. The footage is crazy:

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