Jim Carrey To Play Joe Biden On 'Saturday Night Live' - All The Details!

(Getty Images)

Legendary comedic actor and all-time fan favorite Jim Carrey is set to join the cast of Saturday Night Live as former VP and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden. SNL is somewhat known for bringing in celebrity cameos at this point, from veterans of its own cast, to surprise big names (like Brad Pitt playing Dr. Fauci). Jim Carrey is the type of guy that'll fit right in, so people are super excited. His version of Joe Biden will stand alongside Maya Rudolph's version of Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris.

Of course, the political episodes and sketches aren't without a lot of controversy, but we think Jim is going to be an awesome addition. Who doesn't love a good Jim Carrey movie? We'll have to see how he works with Alec Baldwin's interpretation of Donald Trump! That should make for some funny moments.

Interestingly enough, Jim Carrey famously got rejected when he auditioned for SNL back in the day. Looks like everything's come full circle! Let us know what you think! SNL returns to TV on October 3rd!

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