Jennifer Lopez Hit With Some Huge Shade In Mariah Carey's New Book - Drama!

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Mariah Carey's new memoir has been one of the most anticipated books of the year, and now we can add "massive shade" to the reasons why! People are buzzing about a section of the book in which she absolutely throws Jennifer Lopez under the bus.

In the book, there's a portion referencing JLo as “another female entertainer on [Sony] (whom I don’t know).”

And, of course, it all ties into a now infamous, meme-worthy moment from 1993 where Mariah said "I don't know her" in regards to JLo. It sounds to us like there's definitely still some residual feelings of a beef! A rivalry, for sure.

Let us know what you think! Are you going to pick up the book? Check out a preview below:

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