Pregnant Woman Saves Husband From A Shark Attack - Details Here!

(Getty Images)

In what has to be one of the most shocking 2020 stories thus far, a pregnant woman saved her husband from a shark attack! Yes, you read that right. This happened. That's the power of moms, people!

30-year-old Andrew Eddy was on a snorkeling trip in the Florida Keys with his wife when what's believed to have been a 9-foot-long bull shark bit into his shoulder. So already this story takes a turn for the worst! But thankfully for Andrew, his wife is extremely brave. Margo Dukes-Eddy (who again, is pregnant) jumped in and pulled her husband to safety. How crazy is that?

The Miami Herald has reported that medics met their boat at a Marathon beach and flew Andrew to a trauma center. His wound described as severe. The family is keeping things private at this time.

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