'The Lion King' Returns: Oscar Winner Barry Jenkins To Direct Disney Sequel

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In some unexpected movie news, Disney has revealed that they're moving forward on a sequel to The Lion King remake! Yes, that's right. More ultra-realistic animals! But, it really shouldn't come as a surprise since the first film made $1.6 BILLION. However, there's a twist: This time they've brought in Academy Award winner Barry Jenkins!

Jenkins, who rose to fame with the awards darling Moonlight, will be taking over for Jon Favreau, who pioneered the stagecraft CGI techniques used on The Jungle Book and the first Lion King film in 2019. It makes sense, since Favreau is busy running The Mandalorian, but it's really interesting that Jenkins was the choice to take over. He's known for more intimate, adult, socially aware material. So maybe this Lion King sequel is going to take some dark turns?

According to reports from sources like THR, it's going to be a prequel of some kind! Prequel elements? Full on Mufasa movie? We'll have to wait and see. Jenkins had this to say:

"Helping my sister raise two young boys during the '90s, I grew up with these characters. Having the opportunity to work with Disney on expanding this magnificent tale of friendship, love and legacy while furthering my work chronicling the lives and souls of folk within the African diaspora is a dream come true."

Also, The Farewell director Lulu Wang, who happens to be Jenkins's partner, tweeted this amazing video for the announcement:

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