'The Walking Dead' Talk: Is It Dragging Too Much, 'X-Files' Style?

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If one thing truly unites America it’s our love for TV shows! Look at Tiger King (ok, not a great example) but you know what I’m talking about. I remember watching X Files with my Dad when it was on FOX just waiting to see if “The Truth Was Out There.” Over time I remember the show kind of dragging. I was thinking as a kid where do they go with this? Then we got a movie, bigger budget more special effects but still the same result, where do they go with this?

Much like this blog post where am I going with this? THE WALKING DEAD! I’ve been a huge fan of this show since the start but now it seems to just drag. I’ve never written or produced a TV show so I’m just giving my personal take. I feel like most seasons it’s the same thing. The group (survivors) find a great place to live, get attacked and surprise someone from their past helps rescue them. Is this right? Yet, I’m still watching every single Sunday! Maybe I’m just too invested in it now to turn back.

Well without giving away any spoilers, executive producer Greg Nicotero explains that ending last night. Yes, I will be watching “The Walking Dead,” movie just like I did with the X-Files.

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