Thank You Teachers: Educators Can Fly For Free - Feel Good News

(Mack's Daughters Having Fun During At Home School!)

Let's be honest, all-virtual learning during the coronavirus hasn't exactly been easy on anyone - especially teachers. So, Qatar Airways has launched its "Thank You Teachers" program. The offer gives teachers a free economy class ticket to any destination where Qatar Airways flies and 50% off a ticket for a friend or family member to tag along.

There are a couple of catches though, of course.

(1) The maximum number of teacher tickets they'll give away is 21,000.

(2) You only have until Thursday (October 8) to nab the deal.

I’ve been watching my kids do the virtual school thing and I can’t THANK these teachers enough for all the incredible work they do! Parents who’ve been dealing with this know you have two or three kids that can’t open up a certain program or “portal,” and all of a sudden it can be complete chaos. Not sure how you teachers do it but just know we appreciate you!

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