Investor Finds $10,000 Cash Hidden In Home - Find Out The Shocking Result!

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An Illinois investor who buys home and resells them for profit got an awesome deal on his most recent purchase. The house he bought contained more than $10,000 in cash hidden in the living room. Jim Dow says he bought the Calumet Heights home in late August and began finding money shortly afterward. "As I was looking around the couch there were two bank deposit envelopes -- and they were full of cash," Dow says of his initial $5,000 discovery. Then, "I noticed another corner of a white envelope, and there were three of them," he says. "Those had another $7,500 in them."

After an extensive search, Dow finally managed to track down the previous owner, a woman in her 80s who had moved to Arizona. Apparently, she didn't trust banks and had kept her savings in the house. When Dow returned the money to her recently, she offered him a reward for his honesty -- but he declined. "I’m one of the good guys, " he says, "and I think there are lots of other good people in the world."

Honestly, would you have returned the money? What's the most amount of money you've found?

A friend of mine found a safe in house! When he finally opened it they found a few old papers but NO CASH or treasure. When we were finally able to purchased our first home the owner left a bunch of luggage in the attic, immediately my mind went to maybe it’s bags of cash. Yeah, not so much just old tacky shirts and moth balls.

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