'Two and a Half Men' Star Jon Cryer Recovers Lost Wedding Ring

(Getty Images)

Confession, I don’t wear my wedding ring. My wife decided she would be ok with me getting a tattoo instead. Plus I have the tendency of twisting my ring around so I was bound to lose it. I remember my wife misplaced her wedding ring once at a hotel and we tore the place up looking for it. We ended up finally finding it in her make up bag.

Jon Cryer, who you know from Two and a Half Men (or even better, Pretty In Pink), lost his wedding ring while he was walking along the sea wall in Vancouver. He looked everywhere, but all he found was a pair of glasses.

He decided to post the glasses on the lost and found section of Craigslist, when he noticed a link to a site called The Ring Finders. It's a directory of independent metal detector specialists from all over the world, who you can hire to find lost jewelry, keys, cell phones and other metal stuff.

So Jon got a local guy to come out, and he found the wedding ring. Jon posted a picture of the ring, and the guy who found it.

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