Best Halloween Candy And Wine Pairings - Spooky Foodie Tips

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I’m not a big fan of wine, more of a whiskey guy. One of my friends gave me a subscription to Flaviar, which I love! It allows you to sample all types of adult beverages. It includes one full bottle every quarter and flights that are sent right to your home.

If you are 21 and up check this out!

When you’re enjoying your Halloween treats, you’ll need the ideal wine to sip with them. The experts at Vivino know which flavors work best with some of our favorite Halloween candies:

  • Hershey’s and Syrah - You need a wine that’s “powerful, but light on its feet” to go with straight milk chocolate. A red like a Syrah with flavors of black pepper and black fruit will do it.
  • Kit Kats and Pinot Noir - Want to make the milk chocolate and wafer combo of a Kit Kat taste like a chocolate-dipped raspberry? Try it with a glass of a Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast.
  • Reese’s Pumpkins and Gamay - The unique fermentation process used in the grapes for this red wine gives it a wild cherry jam aroma that pairs perfectly with peanut butter and chocolate. PB & J fans, this is for you.
  • M&M’s and Port - Author of “The Wine Bible,” Karen MacNeil, describes this pairing: “The dark, sweet, black fig and dried fruit character of Port is a great counterpoint to the milk chocolate in M&M’s.” And that crunchy candy shell also complements this red wine.
  • Skittles and Sauvignon Blanc - The fruity flavors of the Skittles are balanced by the tropical fruits in this white wine, ideally a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.
  • Snickers and Cabernet Sauvignon - The intense flavor combo of peanut, caramel and nougat needs a wine strong enough to keep it from being overpowered, and the tannin and fruit in a Cab Sav makes it the one.
  • If you want the best of both worlds booze and chocolate, you can always go the beer route!

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