Home Listing Turns Into "Find The Bathtub" Viral Game - Internet Wins Again

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I just had two friends put their home on the market here in South Florida and both sold in a matter of weeks. Lots of people looking to move to Miami and who can blame them. This didn’t happen in Florida but this is a unique way of marketing your home that is for sale.

If you want people to be interested in it, play a game. That's what ended up happening to a listing in Kentucky after people began to play "Find the bathtub."

Locating the bathroom wasn't as easy as you think but this online game was made possible by a tweet that went viral this week. “Found this in a Facebook group; the person who posted it said “tour in 3D, try to find the bathtub”… enjoy(?),” actor and writer Jenny Jaffe tweeted on Monday. The tweet, which links to a Redfin listing for a $375,000 property in Louisville, earned more than 1,200 retweets and 4,100 likes.

To play along, people simply clicked on the “3D Walkthrough” link” and were brought into the cluttered living space of the 3,1616 square foot property with a bedroom and a kitchen. From that point, a staircase leads you into a frustrating maze marked by endless twists and turns, which go by the second kitchen, rooms with rows of shelves piled high with boxes, a cat, and two bathrooms, neither of which have the bathtub in question.

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