Lance Bass Creating A Movie Musical About NSYNC - Movie News

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I’ve tried to get into movie musicals but for some reason they just can’t keep my attention. I will say “The Greatest Showman,” was actually good. CATS not so much.

Rachel Bloom, one of the writers of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is writing a script for a movie loosely based on NSYNC. The project will be about best friends who spend the summer following NSYNC on their last world tour. It will be based on a true story.

Lance Bass is signed on to produce the project. He's also the one who came up with the idea.

Rachel describes the film as a "road trip musical" and has promised many nostalgic moments.

Speaking of nostalgic moments, how about this from 20yrs ago at the WORLD SERIES (which by the way congratulations to the Dodgers).

If you want more Nsync, you gotta check out my boy Joey Fatone’s YouTube series and podcast. Both are really awesome but I love how he gets really personal on the podcast with his friend and manager Joe (Two Cups Of Joe).

Will you watch this NSYNC movie? Who was your favorite NSYNC band member?

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