Binging Old Movies & Songs Can Actually Be Good For You! - Health Study

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You heard the phrase what’s old is new again. I think after watching these two kids discovering Phil Collins we can all agree great songs and movies will never go away!

Have you been coping with the pandemic by binge-watching old movies and blasting your favorite 90's songs with us?

It’s perfectly healthy, psychologists say.

Researchers say the feelings of nostalgia from revisiting an old favorite can help improve moods, boost confidence, and lower stress levels - especially in hard times. That may help explain why movies like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Ghostbusters have all reached #1 at the box office in 2020 - along with the fact that very few new movies are being released. What's your nostalgia go-to? Movies? TV shows? Music? I’ll admit I’ve been diving into movies I grew up on to cheer me up during all of this. Here’s a list of my top 5 in no particular order:

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