Nurses At Broward Hospital Receive Visits From Puppies & Kittens

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One of the things keeping my comfort during the pandemic is my dog “Oliver.” It’s been proven that animals can help relieve stress, one local shelter even told us at the height of the pandemic they actually ended up clearing the shelter because people were looking for a furry friend.

According to Humane Society of Broward County their Snuggle Delivery Program aims to help relieve stress in the work place.

“Not everyone can reap the benefits of snuggling with puppies and kittens like we do here at the shelter, so we came up with the idea to bring adoptable puppies and kittens (you must be at least 21 years old to adopt) to you at your office or workplace. You can schedule our furry friends for a snuggle delivery for a minimum donation of $500* to the shelter. Proceeds from this service will benefit all the homeless animals at the Humane Society of Broward County.”

The Snuggle delivery program recently visited the Broward Hospital to snuggle with frontline workers during their break.

According to WSV: “This is a wonderful experience for the nurses here,” Laura Stevenson, a nurse at the hospital, said. “I’ve worked here for a long time. This is my 29th year here. We’ve never done anything like this, and to me, this is something that we need to incorporate into our, you know, nurses’ week. It’s just a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for the staff to actually get to see the puppies, and once they see them, they’ll want to take them home.”

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