Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter Reveals New Album Made In Quarantine

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I’ve often wondered are artist motivated to work on music while in quarantine? Shacked up in the house with really nothing going on like all of us. Well Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys recently opened up how’s he’s been dealing with the pandemic and how he’s been drawing inspiration from his family!

In a recent interview he said; “I’ve been recording a solo album. We always say ‘albums.’ I’m just recording music. We’ll see what happens with it. Whatever it’s going to be it will be out soon.” While he’s been busy spending time with the family and recording music he has also partnered up with “Cure 4 The Kids,” a nonprofit focused on treating and preventing childhood catastrophic diseases, cancer & blood disorders.

One thing is for sure music has definitely helped us get through this pandemic, especially all the 90’s music!

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