Santa And An Elf Take Down a Shoplifter At Target (VIDEO)

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We know who’s getting coal this Christmas. Some guys in California shoplifted from a Target on Friday. And as they were running away from the scene, one of them got tackled in the parking lot . . . by SANTA. Yes, his trusty elf held the other guy at gunpoint.

It turns out Santa and the elf were undercover cops who were working at the Target, keeping an eye out for shoplifters.

According to the police department:

“As a result of this operation, three arrests were made. One misdemeanor arrest included a woman who walked out of the store with a shopping cart full of stolen items after making no attempt to pay for the merchandise. This woman was also in possession of illegal narcotics. Another misdemeanor arrest involved a local transient who is a habitual thief at this particular store. Loss Prevention and officers recognized him as he entered the store but stopped him before he could steal again. He was subsequently arrested for trespassing and being in possession of illegal narcotics. The third arrest made was on Patrick Seilsopour, 55-years-old of Murrieta. He stole expensive Lego toy sets totaling $1,000 and was arrested outside by Santa and his elf for grand theft. He was later booked into jail but unfortunately due to the current bail schedules for “non-violent” offenses, he was quickly released with a Notice to Appear citation.”

VIDEO: Warning adult language:

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