Dr. Dre's House Hit By Burglars While He Recovers In The Hospital

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Dr. Dre is doing well after reports of him being hospitalized on Tuesday (January 5th) for a brain aneurysm.

Many in the Hip-Hop community responded with well-wishes including his former N.W.A. collaborator, Ice Cube, “Send your love and prayers to the homie Dr. Dre,” he wrote alongside a picture of the two of them at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony from 2017.

As if Dr. Dre hasn’t been through enough his home was hit by burglars who took advantage of the news he was in the hospital.

4 men were on Dre's Pacific Palisades property Wednesday around 2 AM. Security spotted them as they were casing the house. Before they could get to the main structure, security confronted them and quickly called police, according to TMZ sources.

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