Broward School District Can Require Teachers To Return In-Person

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My wife and I made a personal decision to send our two daughters back to school at the start of the year. We’ve spoken with a few teachers about virtual vs in person and so many of them do miss the students but realize the health risks involved with going back. Just the other day we learned Broward Schools may require teachers to return to their classrooms. An arbitrator has sided with Broward County Public Schools in a fight with the teacher’s union over returning teachers to classrooms.

Arbitrator Roger Abrams ruled that the school district may require teachers to return to their classrooms to meet the operational needs of schools.

According to Broward schools Superintendent Robert Runcie,“we recognize the health concerns of our teachers and will continue to balance their needs with the needs of students who are struggling and must be back in a safe and healthy school for face-to-face learning.”

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