Netflix Releases a Documentary About 'The Last Blockbuster'

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Netflix is releasing a documentary about the last Blockbuster. The film is called The Last Blockbuster and it shows never-before-seen footage of employees, fans, and more. As someone who’s first job was at Blockbuster, I can’t wait to see this! Also as a kid who’s many Fridays were spent wandering around aimlessly looking at all the DVD’s and dare I say it VHS tapes it’s sure to bring back some feelings.

It’s out on NETFLIX today! Let us know what you think.

“The Last Blockbuster is a fun, nostalgic look back at the era of video rentals and the story of how one small town video store managed to outlast a corporate giant. The film follows the manager of the world's last remaining Blockbuster video (located in Bend, OR), Sandi Harding, as she navigates the difficult task of keeping a video rental store open in the era of Netflix.”

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