Wedding Crashers - Couple Try To Marry $6 Million Southwest Ranches Mansion

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Courtney Wilson and Shenita Jones were ready to start their journey down the isle in front of friends and family that was until the owners of the house they were using for their wedding came home.

The owner Nathan Finkel, never gave them permission to hold the festivities there. He was stunned when the wedding guests showed up. Wilson said it was God’s plan that the couple marry there.

Finkel called 911 when he realized what was going on.

Finkel, has been trying to sell the property for two years, now and according to reports

Wilson, posing as a potential buyer, toured the estate, a few months later, this guy asked Nathan if he could use Nathan’s backyard for his wedding,” and Nathan said no.”

The South West Ranches mansion had it all; bowling alley, swimming pool with a waterfall, hot tub, tennis courts, a gazebo and an 800-foot (240-meter) bar.

Two officers told Wilson he would have to leave. He did and no charges were filed.

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