Baby Born On Flight To Hawaii: An In-Flight Surprise! (VIDEO)

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(Getty Images)

A flight from Salt Lake City to Hawaii landed with an extra passenger - a baby born mid-flight.

New mother Lavina Mounga feared disaster when she suddenly went into labor halfway through the flight - just 29 weeks into her pregnancy. Fortunately, a doctor and three NICU nurses happened to be aboard the flight and leapt into action.

They used shoelaces to cut the umbilical cord, made baby warmers out of microwaved bottles, and measured the child's heart rate with an Apple Watch. EMT's met Mounga and her new son Raymond at the Honolulu airport to take them to a hospital.

And because this is 2021, of course one of the passengers managed to post a TikTok video from the plane - which has already been viewed millions of times.

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