I Want My 90's Back

Come meet and relive the legends who started it all as we take you back down memory lane with an awesome night of 90’s nostalgia. I Want My 90’s Back featuring Vanilla Ice w/ DJ Johnny Quest, Stevie B, 2 Live Crew and DJ Laz. All guests will have their own exclusive VIP box to enjoy the concert safely outside. Tables will be sold as a group only (not individually). You will have the option of purchasing a table for a group of (4) only. If you have more than 4 guests, you can purchase an additional box next to yours. Your seating area will be for you and your guest only. All table sections have excellent views of the stage and drinks & food can be ordered directly to your box. Seating will be very limited.

Get ready for an amazing show! Word To Ya Mutha!

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More Info: 561-706-9763

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