Weird Home Listing In Florida Has Everyone Confused (VIDEO)

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Shopping for a home to buy or rent can be exhausting. After awhile all the homes look the same. Well this property in Panama City, Florida that’s listed for $1.65 million really stands out!

“I’ve been wracking my brain about what this house was used for and I just can’t figure it out,” said app user @oldfarmwitch in a recent upload that’s earned some 774,000 likes and more than 14,200 comments over the past two weeks.” Said the TikTok User: @zillowtastrophes

According to the NY Post: Contacted by the Panama City News Herald, Counts Real Estate — which is marketing the property — said the TikTok clip had sparked a lot interest for the listing but added that the family of the estate that’s listing it wouldn’t comment on it, or discuss its history.

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