Pauly Shore Teases 'Encino Man 2' - Could We See The Movie Soon?

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The movie Encino Man is celebrating its 29th anniversary and star Pauly Shore is teasing a sequel. Shore shared a photo of him and actor Brendan Frazer to celebrate the film and to get support from fans.

Along with the photo, Shore's caption included, "29 years ago this weekend, Encino Man hit the big screen. Heres a personal pic with myself and Brendan Fraser on the set. Peace Brendan, miss you. Hope you're doing great in this crazy world."

Shore'ss caption continued, "And you guys know what Brendans peace sign means right? Encino Man 2 doooooooddzzzz. Hit up Disney+ and tell them myself, Brendan, and Sean Astin are ready for the sequel. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everybody. We'll be wiezen the juice."

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