Marjory Stoneman Douglas Grads Got A Special Message From President Biden

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Foto: (Getty Images)

President Joe Biden, sent a special video to MSD graduates Tuesday. 

“This class lost a piece of its soul. Tested in ways no young person should ever have to face,” he said. Those graduating seniors were freshmen when a mass shooting left 17 people dead at the Parkland high school.  

Besides surviving the most deadly high school shooting in U.S. history, Biden also noted that the students graduating this year from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland had their academic careers further disrupted by COVID-19.

In the video message President Biden went on to say, “no graduating class gets to choose the world in which they graduate. But every once in a while, every few generations, young people come along at a point in history, with the chance to make real change. The world has already seen just how capable you are. How strong you are. How resilient you are. There no question. You’re already changing the world.”

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