TSA Offering $1,000 Bonuses For New Officers

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Security Heightened In US Cities Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

Foto: (Getty Images)

Due to the increase in travel, TSA is expected to have staffing shortages across 131 airports in the US.

A spokesperson for TSA states that the agency is looking to hire 6,000 new officers, but they have only added about half that so far.

As a result, TSA is offering $1,000 bonuses for new officers that accept employment.

The spokesperson stated, "TSA is experiencing an increase in passenger volumes at checkpoints, and anticipating a significant summer surge in travel. We have been averaging over 5,000 Transportation Security Officer applications per week.”

TSA and many airline companies are asking new hires to 'volunteer' without pay because of the increase in travel and not enough manpower.

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