Flight Attendant Explains The "Most Annoying" In-Flight Drink

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Foto: (Getty Images)

Now that people are flying again, one flight attendant is sharing which drink is the most "annoying" order from the drink cart.

The drink? Diet Coke!

The flight attendant recently told USA Today that Diet Coke takes the longest to drink on a flight.

Diet Coke's carbonation and foaming apparently takes the longest to fizzle out before you can continue pouring into the cup.

Speaking of flight attendants, in a recent Tik Tok video Flight attendant Kat Kamalani is racking up millions of views on a video that reveals how flight attendants size you up while you board the plane.

According to Kat, when flight staff greet you when you walk on a plane they are looking to see if you can help in an emergency.

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