Backstreet Boys Video Made This Mom TikTok Famous

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Members of the musical group Backstreet Boys pose

Foto: (Getty Images)

You might not recognize the name Devon Daniels, but chances are you’ve seen her if you’ve watched BSB’s video for “I Want It That Way.” She’s the girl screaming and reaching out from the crowd in the airport hanger.

Daniels, now 39 is now a mother of four children. Just the other week she posted a TikTok about being in the music video and it’s made her a viral sensation.

Last week, with the help of her teen kids, she posted a TikTok about being in the music video when she herself was a teenager.

"I've tried to explain to [my kids] over the years, and they have not cared. I’ve shown them the video, and they’re like, 'Cool, mom, cool,'" Daniels said. "To be in that video was totally life-changing. They’re just now starting to get it."

Lets take a minute to appreciate some BSB!

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