Surfside Victims Fund to Start Distributing Money to Families

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Residential Building In Miami Partially Collapsed

Foto: (Getty Images)

Hard to believe it’s been 14 days since the tragedy at Champlain Towers South. During this horrible event we’ve seen the local community come together to not only help the first responders who’ve been working tirelessly but also the families that were affected. iHeart Media Miami is one of the organizations that has helped raise funds to help. You can get involved here.

Another organization “Support Surfside” a collaboration led by the Coral Gables Community Foundation, Key Biscayne Community Foundation and Miami Foundation. Organizers say gifts in the amount of $5,000 per family will be made available to designated representatives of the following groups:

· Survivors of the Champlain Towers South collapse

· Current residents of Champlain Towers South but not present at the time of the collapse

· Immediate family members or legally appointed representatives of missing or deceased individuals

More details here.

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