'Sex And The City' Easter Eggs To Watch Out For

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"Gardeners Of Eden" Special Screening

Foto: (Getty Images)

“Sex and The City” was known for its fashion. And it looks like the revival of the HBO Max show won’t be any different.

Even though Patricia Fields won’t be there designing the costumes for “And Just Like That…,” the ladies will still maintain their signature looks. Here’s a look at some of the fashion “Easter Eggs” we’ll get to see…

  • Carrie will be in a vintage pair of Manolo Blahniks.
  • Remember the Fendi baguette that was stolen from Carrie during a mugging in season three? It’s back in all its purple sequined glory.
  • She’ll also be wearing the black studded Streets Ahead belt that we first saw in the opening scene of the first “SATC” movie.

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