Publix Superfan Tot Battling Leukemia Surprised With Own “Publix Car”

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Publix Super Market

Photo: (Getty Images)

Reese Hayhurst is one of the biggest Publix fans around. The three-year-old from Buford, Georgia, loves going to the supermarket with his mom, Amanda, where he can drive the Publix race car shopping carts. And he’s also battling leukemia, so he hasn’t been able to get out much other than on those grocery store runs.

In fact, Amanda says Reese was asking to go to Publix so much, she started spreading her shopping trips out so she could go four or five times a week so her son can “drive the car. She says, “It’s so cute because out of all the places in the world, he always asks to go to Publix.” The mom posted about Reese’s love for Publix on Facebook last month and Publix associate Lacey White saw the post.

She made a special trip to see him, driving eight hours from Florida with a special delivery for Reese: his very own Publix car, made from a green Little Tykes car with a personalized license plate on the back. White also brought the tot balloons, a green dinosaur cake and Publix’s dinosaur mascot came to visit Reese, too.

“It meant so much to us,” Amanda says. “So much of what we walk through is hard and heavy and scary, so keeping his spirits up and him just having fun and our family having fun has been really important.”

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