Britney Spears Locks Herself In Her Bathroom

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US singer Britney Spears performs in Rot

Foto: (Getty Images)

Britney Spears just shared a bit of a bizarre story of how she locked herself in the bathroom. Brit explains that she took a bath at 2 am because she wanted to use her new Victoria’s Secret bath lotion which she says “helps me sleep better.”

“I went to the bathroom and looked at my leftover coffee from earlier in the morning and said “gross” but didn’t throw it away and then I looked for my face wash but couldn’t find it anywhere !!!!,” she writes. “I was caught up in my head looking for it for about 15 minutes and then realized it’s probably in the other bathroom … then I went to leave and the door was locked 🔒 …”

She notes, “I got locked in the f**king bathroom and my boyfriend was sleeping 😴 … even if there are earthquakes he doesn't wake up 😂🙄😬 !!!”

It took Britney screaming four times for her beau Sam Asghari to hear her but he wasn’t much help so they called security, which finally came after about 20 minutes and broke her out. “They said, “Stand back, we’re going to open the door!,” she shares. “It opened … it finally opened !!!!!”

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