Ice-T Defends Wife Nursing Their Grade-Schooler

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CBGB Music & Film Festival 2013 - By Invitation Only Q&A With ICE-T

Foto: (Getty Images)

Coco Austin’s daughter, Chanel, has been in the news lately for looking so much like her father, Ice-T.

Now we’re finding out that the five-year-old is still breastfeeding. Coco defended her decision to allow it with, “Chanel still likes my boobs,” she said. “It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.” For the record, she says that Chanel likes steaks and burgers, but “likes a little snack every now and then.”

Ice-T came to his wife’s defense saying that they feed the child food. As for the breastfeeding, he said that he, too, like to partake in Coco’s breast.

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