How To Boost Energy Levels Throughout The Day

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With the kids going back to school maybe you need an extra boost in the morning to get the day started. We wake up at 4:30a every morning so we are definitely trying a few things on this list. Lots of us feel that energy slump and are dragging through the rest of the day, luckily there are healthy ways to get that boost we need.

Try these simple ways to increase your energy and feel rejuvenated throughout the day:

· Eat every three to four hours - Going too long without eating can cause a dip in energy, so registered dietitian nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis advises snacking on something every three to four hours.

· Eat healthy protein - It takes the body longer to break down protein and it holds you over longer, plus you may have more energy after eating a higher protein breakfast.

· Go for fiber-rich carbs - Fruit and whole grains provide energy from carbohydrates, but they’re also high in fiber, so the energy is long-lasting. On the flip side, simple carbs flood the body with sugar, which can give you a boost that can quickly be followed by a dip in energy.

· Avoid empty calories - Given a choice, pick a 100-calorie portion of nuts over a 100-calorie portion of pretzels, because the nuts are high in protein and fiber and will give you more energy than the less nutrient-dense pretzels.

· Stay hydrated - Not drinking enough water can keep you from feeling energized, so keep sipping.

· Avoid caffeine for energy - So many of us grab another coffee when we can’t stop yawning during the day, and while caffeine can help with a short-term energy spike, it can actually decrease energy afterward and nobody wants that.

· Workout more - Increasing exercise can boost your energy level in a few ways. DeRobertis explains that it produces more feel-good hormones, known as endorphins, plus, it increases the heart’s pumping volume, which strengthens circulation.

· Try some self-care - Energy comes from two sources: physical energy and emotional or psychological energy. So before you down more caffeine or a candy bar from the office vending machine, think about whether you need a physical or emotional boost. Food

might not give you the lift you need, but self-care like a quick walk outside for fresh air and sunshine might do the trick.

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