Mariah Carey & Ryan Reynolds Sing Duet On TikTok

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Mariah Carey Hand And Footprint Ceremony

Photo: (Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds is so obsessed with Mariah Carey that he put her hit song “Fantasy” in his new movie “Free Guy.” Well, that has now resulted in a strange duet on TikTok.

Mariah just shared a clip of her lip-syncing the song on the social media site, with Ryan joining alongside her, which Mariah captioned, “#duet with @vancityreynolds. That wasn’t part of the plan! #FreeGuy #Fantasy.”

But it certainly seems like Mariah was less than impressed, with Mariah offering up some major side eye as Ryan took his turn. But Ryan didn’t care, because he shared a screenshot of the duet with the caption, “My favorite thing that’s ever happened on August 25th.” .

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