Florida School Resource Officer Saves Boy’s Life During Lunch

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Foto: (Getty Images)

A central Florida family is grateful for a school resource officer for saving their six-year-old son’s life. Nathan Tormey was having lunch in the cafeteria at Challenger K-8 school in Spring Hill when he took a bite of his nachos and began choking. Luckily, his friend sitting next to him realized what was happening and ran to the school resource officer for help.

Deputy Shaun Duval immediately rushed over to Nathan and knew exactly what to do. He performed the Heimlich maneuver, clearing the boy’s airway. As a result, the boy was just fine and ready to hit the playground, thanks to the deputy.

“It’s distressing, especially to see a young child like that in distress,” Duval says. “Thank God I happened to be right in that same area when it happened, so I was quick to respond.”

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