Miami Makes The List For America's Fitness Fanatics

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The skyline of Miami, Florida is shown i

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FitRated recently came out with their list of “America’s Best Cities for Fitness Fanatics”

They based their list on Yelp’s “Fitness and Instruction” category, and determined the amount of fitness locations per 100,000 people, in America’s Top 100 cities, based on population.

With this in mind, New York City is by far the top fitness city, with over 233 fitness locations per 100,000 people

Top Ten Cities For Fitness Fanatics (Fitness locations per 100,000 people)

1. New York (235.5)

2. Las Vegas (171.7)

3. Dallas (171.4)

4. Phoenix (147.0)

5. Scottsdale, Ariz. (118.4)

6. Miami (97.7)

7. San Francisco (97.2)

8. Orlando (95.9)

9. Atlanta (82.8)

10. Seattle (82.0)

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