Where Did Florida Land on The Best & Worst States for Teachers?

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WalletHub just came out with their annual list of the Best and Worst States for Teachers

They judged the 50 states and District of Columbia on 25 key indicators of teacher-friendliness, in areas of opportunity and competition and academic and work environment

New York is the best state for teachers, while New Hampshire is the worst

Top Ten States for Teachers

1. New York

2. Utah

3. Washington

4. Pennsylvania

5. New Jersey

6. Virginia

7. Maryland

8. Delaware

9. Illinois

10. Connecticut

· On the flipside, New Hampshire has been chosen worst states for teachers, scoring just a 31.14.

· New Hampshire comes in dead last for opportunity and competition, although oddly it does land at eight for academic and work environment.

Ten Worst States for Teachers

1. New Hampshire

2. District of Columbia

3. Maine

4. Arizona

5. Montana

6. Nevada

7. Missouri

8. Hawaii

9. Louisiana

10. New Mexico

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